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The Yaesu Musen FRG-7 An Oldie But a goodie

 Yaesu Musen FRG-7 Communications Receiver

My FRG-7  in the shack of 2E0STZ ,connected to a decent antenna a G5RV 

The Yaesu FRG-7 is an all mode receiver covering 200 kHz to 29.90 MHz in four bands .It is  capable of  AM, USB and LSB/CW. The display is linear analog providing up to ±5 kHz dial accuracy. Features include:  RF Attenuator, Preselector, Fine Tuning , Tone Control and ANL. There is a carry handle on the right side. The rear panel has high and low impedance antenna inputs. My FRG-7 operates from   250VAC, 13 VDC or 8 D cells that plug in the battery pack that is accessible via the rear panel and is an optional extra. Early production FRG-7's did not have a Fine Tuning knob.

What all the switches and knobs actually do
 View From the front, A stock Photo from Yaesu 

View from The rear of the FRG-7, the screws in that plate are the battery box

This is the battery box it holds  8 D Cells 1.5v x 8 =12v 

From the brochure by Yaesu  

 I was asked by my good friend Adam  from Ham Dmr if I could give him a hand attending the Red rose radio Rally over at the  The George H Carnall Leisure Centre,Kingsway Park, in Manchester . 

I am always happy to assist Adam in any way I can . So early one morning on the 18th of January we set off in the ice , snow and fog to attend the rally . Once there we unloaded and set up the equipment .

Yes  I was fixing dust guards on those radio's 

That's Me on the right

Adam Lowery
Adam doing what he does best

The Stall at the rally

Afterwards I went for a walk around to take some pictures and have a look to see if there was anything worth spending my hard earned pay on. I noticed this nice looking FRG-7 on one of the stalls , and asking for a bit of a discount  could I please purchase that nice looking  FRG-7  , there was  some haggling and I managed to get the said item for  the bargain price of £60 . The stall holder asked I I could leave it on the stall till the rally was over. I readily agreed , with the proviso that it had a SOLD sticker on it .

 It is an old communications receiver first manufactured in 1976 and production ceased in 1980 there are better ones out there, and I hope to one day  purchase  a yaesu VR-5000.

This is the VR-5000 in question.
OK , Update on the E-Bay FRG-7, most of the old electrolytic Caps  have been replaced, All seems Fine , the Tuner box that I got with it has had BNC sockets fitted, and I re-soldered a few loose connections and you know what ! IT WORKS . Now I am going to replace all those sub miniature bulbs with yellow led's  and later maybe fit a digital frequency readout . All in all 100% successful day.

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