Friday, 24 July 2009

Equipment For Sale

just a few bits and pieces that are now surplus to requirement
so here are a few pictures for those that might want to see them
without placing the pics on JunkSail

Here is the icom IC-910HX Dual Band Sat Trx
* VHF / UHF + 23cm
* 100W VHF / 75W UHF / 10W 23cm Variable output
* All Mode
* Simultaneously works two bands at once
* Dual 9600bps High Speed Packet Ports
* Main & Sub Band Functions for IF Shift, Sweep, NB, RF Att.
* 0.11uV Sensitivity
* Large LCD
* Four Versatile Scanning Functions
* CTCSS Encode / Decode / Tone Scan
* Built-in Keyer
* PC Controllable
* Memory Pad
* Reverse Satellite Functions
* Phase 3D Ready
* Optional DSP is fitted

This little beauty is also for sale to anyone who will put
£900 in my Hands, and yes the SM-20 mic is included in the price

The Icom IC-910 HX

For £900 this is a compleat steal , but needs must as they say .so the 910 must go .

The Yaesu GS-232B Computer Control Interface
This little baby cost £560.95 new
I have used it Once now bet no one wants this even if I only want £175 for it but hey here is a picture of it, I even down loaded a manual and printed it

Yaesu GS-232B Computer Control Interface

Also for Sale are the MFJ 269 HF/VHF/UHF antenna analyser for a measly £150.
yes you saw right just £150 . I have since found out that the UHF side of the MFJ 269
dos'nt calibrate and the reduction in price reflects this .

This is the Icom IC-R70 Communications reciever
It is a clean unit but surplus to requirements yours for £100.00



terpio said...

Is your R 70 still for sale?
Because I'm looking for Rx like this.

terpio said...
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