Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Whetstone (Keighley) Gate demolition


These two venerable iron lattice towers  were used to supply keighley and the surrounding area with local and national radio stations, along with the emergency services two way radio repeater stations . They have now been demolished and from what I can gather the ground  will be left to return  to natural moorland.
Fig 2
The photo in fig 2 is what the area looked like when I was first introduced to the area back in 2001 . I still go there sometimes to "play radio". See fig 3
Fig 3
I shall miss glancing over to the area where they so proudly stood .They were an iconic landmark for the surrounding area and on many a walk upon the moors I knew where I was heading because I could see the towers for miles, and knew that  was where I parked the car and was in no need of rescue .Even in the foggiest of weathers they stood out . I suppose the local radio hams will cheer because when they have finished clearing the site it will be as flat as they can make it and it will allow some of us to drive up there and use our masts to contact people from father away . The two towers stood atop a concrete base that was 1284 ft ASL  53,54.18.8N 01,50.43.9W MH locator IO93bu  for those who need to know . I am not sure just how high they both were but at a guess about 100ft each.

an eerie sight 

the tiny tower is all that stands now .

Inside the tower

The concrete base  of the right tower as I was looking at them

Just one part of the towers left

The demolition

The path up NO TOWERS

As it stands on the OS map at the moment.

How it will look in the future I suspect

I don't know how many of you know of them , but they  now no longer sit on the skyline and I for one will miss them .

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David Muschamp said...

Thanks for the posting. We have a view across to Whetstone Gate and couldn't understand what had happened to the masts. We thought our eyesight was failing! It was reassuring to see your blog and the pictures of the masts being demolished. The weather recently has prevented a clear view from our home in Allerton until yesterday.

malcolm eldon said...

Thanks for this,my house looks out directly across to keighley gate,I wondered where the two towers had disappeared to after all these years, I too will miss them, they were a great landmark as you so rightly say