Friday, 29 November 2013

The Aftermath

What Reamains is hope

Almost a month after the demolition of the venerable towers that stood at this location I decided to go and investigate the aftermath of the destruction. I had purchased a new camera and the germ of idea came to me.

"Go to where the two towers were demolished and take some pictures of what it's like there now !"

Now being Friday the 29th of November I drove up to the site  in my Ford Focus  as you can see in Fig 1 .It may be  possible  for more than one car to park there one advantage is  getting away from the car park at the bottom. 
This means you are out of the way of the walkers  and able to operate  relatively undisturbed, although  there is a path to the trig point that runs parallel.

I figure about a good solid year should see the site a bit more stable than it is at the moment . I  managed to turn the car around but I had to stay on the hard standing gravel that was left, Wander off the path  on a vehicle that isn't a 4x4 and You are STUCK, wander off the gravel  on foot and  as you can see in fig 13 My foot sunk about 6 inches into the mud.!

The View is stunning in the height of summer,and if you can get up there in winter .
The site is  1200ft above sea level  and  open to the elements so that means lots of wind , rain, snow etc. One of my Ideas was to gather the boulders and build some kind of shelter for the  poor radio hams that might use the site.
Somehow I can't see that happening; although, there are shelters on the tops of the Three peaks for the mountain goats, sheep  and SOTA operators, so you never know .If it happens  well I hope they dedicate it to me .

Standing on the big rock I did take panoramic photo's of the view but they turned out boring .I am still looking into how to stitch them together  to make it so you can look round with the cursor keys , if I manage I will post it  here .

Fig -1 The only tower  and its owned by the northern power grid

Its not Quite a quagmire YET .

Although in some places it is a little SOFT 

I wonder where that tiny TX horn is pointing ?

AHH over there .... just in case you cannot see them  ,  RAF Menwith Hill,
Known locally as "The Golf Balls "

Yes I played a little radio whilst I was up here,  I used my VX-7R tri -band handy and Talked to M6STZ on GB3WY 

Some of these could be moved into a better location.

Maybe they could be made into shelter ?.

They are to heavy for me to move though

NO  I didn't drop it .

I think that is what's left of the right hand towers base.

The way back down .

Fig 13  one foot of the path and "SQUELCH"

They really moved  the remains of the foundations about .

Big .

the lone tower and Fraija. That's the name of my car 

Funny that ,a piece of square concrete under the bracken, Hmm

That is a BIG boulder.

You can't really see just how BIG these things are .

Even though I was well wrapped up the biting wind was getting to my nether regions, "My finger tips" 

Now is THIS Whetstone gate ? 

Or THIS   ?

maybe THIS is it ?

Well folk's thank you for reading , I know my journalistic skills leave something to be desired, but bear with me . I like writing these blogs and getting out and about, most of them are Amateur radio related even.

All pictures copyright m1pac (c) m1pac productions 2013 

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