Sunday, 15 December 2013

The last trial run of this year

Trail run for the last time this year 

This Sunday the 15th of December saw me up at my favourite DX spot.
I know I keep on banging on about this place but it is one of the most accessible spots here in Yorkshire and the views from here are just stunning.On a clear day,and when the sun is shining and the wind is rattling round your nether reasons you just have to sit back and say ,
" THIS  is gods county "

Next year will see me back up here with more equipment .

I hope to purchase a small generator , a fold away table , fold away seat and a frame tent to set it all up in . There are plans afoot to obtain a tripod to mount the telescopic mast too instead of the drive on  one . On the books is another search for a 2 meter  multimode radio that can do 10 watts or more, and possibly a (cheap) HF radio .

The first picture ( fig 1 ) see's me setting things up ready to enable me to do some DX  from this location . The wind started to make it's presence felt and made me wish I had taken my guy lines to stabilise the mast as the whole thing was swaying with alacrity.

The morning was rounded off with 11 contacts ( I was sure I  made 12) whose names appear at the end of the blog. Thank you guys it was a pleasure to talk with you and I hope to talk to most of you again next year.
Fig 1 sees me  setting fraya up for the expedition 

All set up ready to do some DX ,  you can see the lean from here,the guy lines would have corrected that

It looks straight from this angle though
This is how high it was at ground level,  add another 20 feet for the mast height
The sky was  different shades of Gray, not quite 50 

 Alistair M0BKQ was  there on top of Pendle hill  SP005


620193302013-12-15 12:25:00G0STK2m145.450FMAllan Hardcastle   
620193162013-12-15 12:16:00M0MRM2m145.500FMMobile station    
620192672013-12-15 12:00:00M0BKQ2m145.475FMAlistair on Pendle hill   
620192852013-12-15 11:53:002E0EEY2m145.475FMCHRISTOPHER JAMES HALL   
620192092013-12-15 11:47:00G3TTU2m145.475FMR HOLT   
620192162013-12-15 11:33:00M6STZ2m145.475FMStuzzie .   
620191952013-12-15 11:30:00M6LBE2m145.475FMSteve Blackburn   
620191782013-12-15 11:10:00G3BMO2m145.475FMH SPEED   
620191602013-12-15 11:05:00GW0WTT2m145.475FMPAUL CLARK   
620191452013-12-15 11:00:00G7JBZ2m145.475FMRICHARD CONE   
620191242013-12-15 10:45:00M0JRB2m145.475FMJ. ROBERT BROWN   

That's It  for now . I hope to be updating the blog later next year , Just to say a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year from the team here at QH towers. 73 catch you further down the log . De M1PAC

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