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Tuesday 4th Feb 2014

On the first Tuesday of the month  and there is  a 144MHz CQ contest and  this month I did it portable from my BFF's shack over in Pudsey.Nice and warm and it has mains power,which is nice .
This year (being 2014) I am hoping to have a good go at getting a few contacts under my belt and on the log.

I am operating under the UKAC (restricted)AR  rules.
The power output must be greater than 10W PEP and not more than 100W PEP . and you can only use the one antenna.

The antenna was a 6 element yagi  35 foot up off the ground and was  701 ft or  222 meters above sea level and I used  the Yaesu FT-726r Tri bander for this contest alongside  a B.N.O.S 144MHz 100W linear amp .

One major obstacle is that the yagi is horizontally polarised and will have to be rotated using the Armstrong method (eg by hand or ME)

 I managed about 20 contacts and the furthest one I got was G0VVE who was in Surrey.

There are plans afoot to get a generator and a small rotator ( it's not nice turning the antenna when it's piddling it down , I want to stay dry in a tent or a shack.)

Thank you to M6STZ for the use of his elektrikey   and shack  and a nice warm gas fire thank you stuzzie

Just using the FT-726  The B.N.O.S linear and the yagi

The Yagi

The location

Thats all for now , I hope to listen in on the 6 meter  and 70 cm contest's  but I dont have any antennas for those bands I nice tribander would do ..Thank you for reading and dont forget for all you radio needs visit http://www.specialistradio.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=common/home

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