Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fear and loathing in Pudsey west yorkshire

The Jolly Green Giant

The Jolly Green Giant  ( or JGG  as it will now be known ) is an old military radio telescopic  mast and was kindly donated to my fellow radio ham M6STZ by another radio ham  M0DIT who was in need of the space and the JGG was taking up considerable room in his garage.

 I put the JGG in my car and took it over to the QTH of M6STZ who was pleased as punch.
Since we erected it the  mast has been up and down like a Brides nightie for various reasons. It came with a canvas bag full of guy lines and this enabled us to  fix it in position when the  terrible winds  that we knew were due came . It survived them with aplomb, and there was a LOT of wind , speeds of up to 70 mph were bandied about.

Now with the advent of DMR radio  LINK to explanation both me and M6STZ have both obtained radio's to utilise that particular mode of transmission.There are severel DMR repeater's and one of the local ones is GB7TP   Link to details  I use it both on local and roaming as I am only 3.72 miles or 5.99 kilometres from its location as the crow flies.

The group that maintain both GB7TP and GB3TP are the aire vally repeater group  whose web page can be found here  .

The JGG and M6STZ

This day called for the JGG to be taken down for maintenance, the installation of some low loss coax supplied by  adam from specialist radio and here is the link,as well as the fixture of a dual band  yagi antenna for 144MHz and 70 cm that is fixed and  pointing in a southerly direction . The mast stands at about 6 M6STZ's or 36 feet .

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