Monday, 16 February 2009

Wakefield Ham Rally

Driving to the rally from Keighley,I met up with Craig M6CIW
After almost going the wrong way,we eventually ended up at Osset school.
Upon unloading the car with my little trolley and I meandered down the little road to the rally.
After almost being tripped up by Terry G4AFS I tottered over to the entrance.
Extracing the £3.00 to Ingress I wobbled over to the Bring & Buy Stand.
The Bring and Buy Guys

The Madding Crowd
As you can see this rally was quite popular with the local hams.

I met quite a few faces that I have talked to on the air .
Just one of the many is the Kevin M0XLT
shown Below in the red fleece with the snow white hair .

One of these Faces I talk to is dave M0LAG
Shown Here at the GB3YW And the new 23cm repeater GB3WC stand.

GB3WC INPUT is 1291.375MHz -6Mhz shift OUTPUT is 1297.375MHz
Tone burst access at the moment there are plans afoot to replace the receiver sometime in 2009. lets hope it not to late into 2009.Knowing there is a repeater at Flockton,I will utilise the the wonderful Icom IC-910X which has the appropriate 23cm board fitted.

Ready to Mount and point at the GB3WC repeater
is a 21 element 23cm yagi wich I will be using ,
as soon as I can solder a couple of N type plugs on some RG 213

Lee @ LAM worked out a good deal with me for this radio
and Dave let me play with one before I bought it.

Below reclining on his chair is Dave the person who advised me to buy this Amazing Radio, resting before the rush or so he said !

I did the meet and greet with a few fellow radio hams a BIG HELLO
to the one I talked to, the secret is to bang the rock together on a morse code fashion, and to the ones who didn't know of the infamous M1PAC
I will Purchase a fleece or a BIG badge with my callsign on it .

de M1PAC


sirkitbord said...

Fame at last!!!!, nice to have met you Phil.
Terry (G4AFS)

2E0HTS Simon said...

Snow white hair! definitely an M1PAC description. Kevin is after you! Watch out H.I!!!!

Good un 73 de Si 2E0HTS