Sunday, 1 March 2009

M1PAC's Day Out With The Yaesu FT-100D

I recently re-acquired My Yaesu FT-100D from my friend Josh M0DIT
with the intention of taking it mobile to use in and around Britain
with my new multi band antenna I purchased from LAR Communications
A WAtsON Multi-Ranger-9 HF-UHF Mobile whip.

There is a place just of the A169 a mear 12 miles as the crow might fly
There is a car park there so it was an ideal place to
park and try out the Yaesu in anger.
My garmin GPS informed me that I was 911ft ASL (WOW)

One of the Information boards there

I had texted Adam M6AXL to see if he could hear me on 80Mtrs
and he said he did not have an antenna for that frequency and to try 20 mtrs

I couldn't hear Adam on twenty , so I called him on my local repeater
GB3TP.The repeater was giving me a signal 7 to 8 from that location
VHF is favourable from that location .

Then all of a sudden , someone was calling CQ on 20 meters

I Then Proceeded over to Whitby for some Fabulous Fish & Chips .
After obtaining some rock & toffee We then drove up to the Abbey Car Park
to try and contact Simon 2E0HTS the following video is the result.

I am in the process of putting my 6 2 70 and 23cm antennas upon the chimny. My next blog will cover this
Thank you for reading
73 for now

de M1PAC


2E0HTS Simon said...

Glad to see you got the video and blog uploading sussed out ;-)

73 Si

M1PAC said...

I had to read the help file to finaly sus it out .

I dont think it's wise to put more than one Video there though now looking back . I will try and edit them together next time .But I don't have the Media training like you & lou .