Monday, 9 March 2009

A New Piece of equipment

My opening title , and a link to see the MK-1 version and how it was constructed click the link below
The 2E0HTS Mobile Antenna Mounting Stand

Today I picked up a drive on antenna mounting stand.
Fabricated by My good friend Simon 2E0HTS.
After Parting with a well spent £20:00 in my honest opinion
Here is a picture of it as fresh as the hour I picked it up.

The Antenna Stand Pre-Primer

The Stand after the first coat of primer
It is important to Prime bare metal before you paint it.
I gave it a light brushing with sandpaper to "key" the primer.

I also primed the underside , as well as a bit of the fence "SIGH"
well it was a bit windy thats my excuse and I am sticking to it .

And A coat of Plasti-coat paint.
I will use more of this to protect it from the elements
and of a high enough visibility not to be walked into !!

It is small enough to fit in the boot. and will be used as
soon as I can get a mast to fit over the pole
73 for now
thank you for reading
de M1PAC


2E0HTS Simon said...

Ey up You have not wasted any time (Hanging around watching paint dry eh).

Great job on the painting and thanks for the mention.

Good Dxing from your /Portable!

73 Simon

M1PAC said...

No Si Thank YOU
It is always a pleasure.
I am sure it will be well used .