Saturday, 6 June 2009

Adams New contest Location

A Nice spot for a QSO
A few months ago I took Adam (M6AXL,2E0LXA) to some Prime locations in and around Keighley from which to do some Amateur Radio contests.
One site is the colloquially known Keighley Gate and is 1000ft ASL.
or shown on most local maps as Whetstone Gate.
This is an old picture of the gate as the little building has been demolished.
The ground where it was is firm and is an ideal place to park.
Adam is now no longer uses this site as Things were getting too "DODGY" .

Whetstone Gate

Another Fine location

This Location is known as Ovenden Moor wind farm The contest started at 20:00 and finished at 22:30 .This meant that we couldn't park in the car park at the windmill's because it gets locked at night,however there is a lay-by where we de-camped and set up the station .This Prime location is 1400ftASL and adam is quite happy with it so far .

Adam Trying out the new location

A fantastic view of the windmills

Adam using a 10 ele 2mtr yagi on a rotator ,
We think it's is a lot quieter up at this location. I saw about a dozen cars
in 3 hours and lots of "mountain" bikers.Adam tells me he had 89 contacts and 17 locator squares .
I can foresee him using this location for 6mtrs as well. No video as I cant find my mains adaptor for the video camera, but I will post one as soon as I can find it .That's all for now thank you for reading
73 de M1PAC

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2E0HTS Simon said...

The picture of the windmills is absolutely brilliant! A pro shot, keep um coming!