Sunday, 29 April 2012

Norbrek Rally Blackpool

A Grand Day Out 

 It was the 50th N.A.R.S.A Ham radio rally at Norbrek Castle over in Blackpool Lancashire Link to website

The sun was cracking the flag's and I was all kitted up ready to go to the 50th annual Narsa rally over at Norbreck castle exhibition centre. I was waiting for Josh M0DIT to come and pick me up from the car park.I had enough money in my pocket to be able to buy myself another 2 meter multimode radio , seeing as the Yaesu FT-480 decided to curl up it's toes and join all the other pieces of technology in silicon heaven .
The new boy in town 

Its worse than that it's dead Jim

The rally itself was quite good , lots of things to look at lots of things to buy and even somewhere to eat.
I went there thinking that I would be lucky to even find another2m multimode radio at all and  after a few goes round the tables I counted half a dozen ,three of them where FT-480's  and there were two Trio 9130's and an old Icom. I ended up buying one of those Trio 9130's .On close inspection  it needed a cleaning , and when I got it home I went online and downloaded the service manual. I spent about 4 hours servicing it and testing the voltages and re-aligning the crystal's onto the  correct frequency . I Connected  it to the 6 element yagi  and I gave a shout on 144.300, with Josh (M0DIT) sitting on the side giving me an audio report. I can't wait until I can get out onto the hills and give good old shout out on two meters SSB, so anyone who is capable of using that mode ,please give a listen out and YES we still use that frequency.

 I took a few pictures and cobbled them into a mini movie for you to peruse I have spent most of the afternoon editing them and putting a sound track on. I am getting quite good at this . anyway .......

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