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Testing The new 6 element 144MHz yagi

The Trial Run

Sunday the 5th of may saw me taking the setup out to the ovenden windfarm again the location is  at least 1400 ft ASL. With the little car park it has turned into one of my favourite locations. I wanted to try out the Trio  9130 and the 6 element 2 meter yagi. I found out some things that needed changing about the yagi,putting it together was a bit hit & miss as the reflecting elements were not lined up as they should have been and the Gamma match didn't seem to look right and was bloody fiddly to get mounted .

A bit of drilling saw the Gamma match sorted, I will now tune it then lock it off and take the whole thing off when I take it out thanks to a wingnut, so hopefully it will work better now I have marked the stop points on the radials & reflector.Next time I go up there I will take my video camera and film the contacts with the beacons.

Beacon report

There are not many beacons on 144MHz there are only 5 showing here Beacon locations 

I only received signals from two of them the strongest one was GB3ANG A nice signal from the windmills


Latitude56.545848 (56° 32' 45'' N)
Longitude-2.982709 (2° 58' 57'' W)
Grid SquareIO86mn13
Location Tealing Near Dundee Scotland
Web Page Link  

 The other beacon  was  GB3VHF also a nice signal  not as strong but audible  


Latitude51.329123 (51° 19' 44'' N)
Longitude0.339246 (0° 20' 21'' E)
Grid SquareJO01eh09
LocationBT Mast Fairseat, Kent
Web Page Link GB3VHF

I didn't talk to many people, as that wasn't what I was trying to do I shouted my head off on 144.300 SSB, only to be told by  Terry G0TKJ that RF  was feeding back into the radio  and I  couldn't be heard properly, thanks terry, I have now placed a ferrite clamp in the plug of the mic lead.

In the short time I was up there I made a few more contacts on 145.500 FM  and here is a list of those contacts those with the Q in their calsign have applied for an NOV to use it , it being the golden anniversary of the queens reign.

2Q1DNB  Peter over in Morley Leeds

GQ6HFF  Glen over on Easington fell having a sota day

2E0LEV   Mick wandering about on scapegoat hill & helping to fill the reservoir

G4JJS      Simon over in Bingly  

M6SBO    Barry who was over the other side of the valley doing quite well on his setup 

I did hear a couple of stations coming from Finland and Norway but I couldn't quite make them out . It was a good trial run for the new antenna and hearing both the Kent beacon and the one near Dundee in Scotland I think it performed quite well. I hope the modifications work and maybe I can get better reports .

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