Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The DX pedition

Just About Five miles outside of Keighley

There are a set of antenna towers known as Whetstone Gate
where there is an unofficial type of car park, as you can see in the background. of the picture of the Nine element tonna .
It was clear day , and the weather was FREEEEEEZING!!!!!

This is where Adam M6AXL decided he would Like to try out his 9 element portable tonna antenna. The one in the foreground.Adam is seen here ON AIR

Also braving the elements was your favorite blogger
attempting to talk to a station in cape cod on his FT-817 seen here

We were also joined by Simon 2E0HTS and Lou M3TLL
Simon is the one who told me to get a Blogspot and start posting.;)

Adam Made a contact to a station in Devon and here is a video

Adam would like me to accompany him on another expedition
I have no idea where yet but as soon as
find out I will Inform my readers of the location
73 for now
de M1PAC

1 comment:

2E0HTS Simon said...

Greaaattttt! Post. Had a good time sneaking up on you bitterly Chillin!

Like the video editing software looks good.

look forward to seeing your next video.

73 good DX from Whitby