Saturday, 17 August 2013

FOR SALE icom ic-251e, BNOS linear amp


1st october 2013

The time has come for me to pool my resources and buy a new radio, so new in fact that there are not many in the country.I am talking of Icom's new IC-7100 touch screen well as the  LDG  auto tuner. My hope is that I could have one by my birthday 18th December .
So now I have advertised on Facebook, and gumtree all that is left is to try here.
The  photo's are  of my actual  equipment. 


One of the FINEST 144MHz linear amps I have used .Built in pre-amp.10 watts in will get you 100watts out . Great for those two meter contests.

£40.00 The Draper Expert Socket set

Hardly used by me . nice set.

£35.00 The Einhall Angle grinder

Cant get those stubborn mast clamps off..  Then why not grind them off with this little baby,metal cutting discs included.

£120.00 The ICOM IC-251E

This is a nice radio with built in PSU and will run from external supply.

Please e-mail me at
for my phone number,send a text first please if you don't I will not answer thank you .

Well I think that's all I have to sell at the moment . Good luck. De M1PAC

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