Monday, 8 April 2013

The N.A.R.S.A Radio Rally at Blackpool 2013

New Equipment from the Blackpool rally

Hello there followers 

Sunday the 7th of April  me and Craig M3CIW wended our way over to Blackpool for the  N.A.R.S.A Ham Radio rally at Norbreck castle . A good journey as I wasn't driving.
I wanted to buy a tripod from Moonraker to hold my telescopic mast but they only brought  the large £149 one the largest of the four that they do.  I wanted Tripod-25, suited for masts 65 m/m or less that  sells for £79.99, and they DIDN'T BRING ONE! I would have thought they would bring one of each.Never mind I will have to buy one from them online.

The new equipment 

 I did buy some new equipment . Fig 1 is a Marconi Signal generator and oldie but a goodie.With this and my trusty black star frequency counter I can generate signals RF as well as AF .
Fig 1 the Marconi signal generator
This Little cutey in  fig 2 is the B.N.O.S 144MHz linear amplifier,
 10 watts in gives you 100 watts out. When I go out on my expeditions I stand a good chance of getting over the water  to France or Holland, might have to use the 144MHz 6 element Yagi to do that though.I have been told that this is one of the best old school type of linears.

Fig 2 the linear amp

 The Next Purchase 
Fig 3 Was this beautiful Icom IC-251E  , A
 144 MHz multimode radio that is small enough to go mobile , and has its own  mains power supply  I paid £120.00 for it , the money was going to a  kiddies charity so I didn't haggle.
Fig 3 The Icom IC-251E

The next item I saw was the old Fidelity 3000FM CB radio .Fig 4,
that was bought for the massive sum of £20.00. It worked but needed some TLC.  I have cleaned it up and have talked to someone on it . I used to have one of these when I lived over in Earby way back in 1985 and although it isn't one of the best of the home bases I liked it and it was Cheap as Chips .
fig 4 the fidelity 3000FM homebase CB radio 
Fig 5 is  me beaming from my purchases .
Fig 5 Beaming
 The bring and buy room  in fig 6 was as packed as usual ,lots of good stuff it's just I didn't want  to buy any of it .
Fig 6 the bring and buy 
In the last picture is a photo of the rally itself , it gets hot and smelly very quickly  with so many people .The catering is top notch apart from the bacon sarny, I was told it was half a slice of bacon in two massive pieces of bread, the beefburgers, and the pie's and chips were the best  cans of Fizzy drinks,tea & coffee are also available. 

the peeps at the rally

Well followers that is all from me thank you for reading this , and I hope to post more about the equipment .

Bye for now from Phil  M1PAC

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2E0HTS Simon said...

Looks like you got yourself some nice toys to enjoy. Hope to hear you soon. 73 Si