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The new computer and something about new radio's

New equipment 

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The new year promises to be a good one for all the tablets and padds out there with some phone being the size of a small tablet themselves.  I Got mine about 6 months ago and am enjoying the portability of it.I have apps for all my interests  and some games and e-books to expand my reading material.below is a pic of the one I settled for . there are cheaper ones out there and it's just a matter of what you wish to spend on one .Durability is the one to look for . If you are going to take it with you you  might want to think about buying a cover for it and scratch protectors for the screen.

This is the  Acer A500 

I don't usually buy ready made computers coz they don't have the expandability that I like ,eg putting in more than one sound card, or installing a PCI serial interface card . Nowadays though there are usb to serial leads .Make sure you purchase a good one, some of the cheaper ones have a tendency of not working properly.I put my hand in my pocket and have got myself one on t tick as we lancastrians say.

The New PC the Acer Aspire X3470

 I quite like it ,this  unit has a wireless keyboard and mouse and is titchy, it runs windows 8. that I am quite familiar with . I might even get  a touch screen  or the Kinect style add on for it later, that 's the one were you don't need a touch screen but you can use it to do the W8 stuff like gestures etc.


I now no longer have the above .As much as I liked the little fella it just wasn't for me . Windows 8 is great, but I think that I will use it on a touch screen PC that I Might purchase much later on, W8 was 64 bit and some ham radio programs just refused to work with it , even when I ran them in compatibility mode. So now I am back on the old Intel Quad Core with a fresh motherboard. I blew the other one up, the only thing that wouldn't work was some spare memory I had.

New radio equipment

This is all well and good but its not about radio , tell me about radio related stuff I hear you cry .I have read the article about the new dual band VHF/UHF radio the Wouxun KG-V920R in practically wireless ,the author gave it  favored review. and is available from ML&S for the princely sum of

I have heard stories that an  HF radio called the FIETONG FT-808 will come to our shores in the spring of 2013, and from what I have heard and seen it's based on  a marine HF radio it will transmit & receive from 1.8-30 MHz . No price as yet,though I have heard its going to be about 

The  Fietong  FT-808

Here is what I have gathered so far about this radio 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 240x200x65mm Weight: 4kg
Dual mode: shortwave and ultra-shortwave
Dual channels to receive signals,
Distress call, selective call, group call and all call,
Display anti-collision alarm,
Large LCD.

Frequency range: 
Rx 0.5-29.999999MHz 
Tx 1.6-29.999999MHz

Output power: SSB 100W AM 40W
Modulation system: 
SSB Balanced modulation
AM Low level modulation

Spurious emissions: Less than -50dB Below peak output power
Carrier suppression: More than 40dB
Unwanted sideband: More than 50dB

Memory channels: 100
Power supply: 13.8V DC(+-15%)
Current drain (at 13.8V): 
Receive Standby 1.4A
Transmit Max. power 25A

Reveive system: Double-conversion superheterodyne system
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD): 
0.5-1.5999MHz: SSB, CW, RTTY 1uV , AM10uV
1.6-29.9999MHz: SSB, CW, RTTY 0.5uV, AM 2uV

Squelch sensitivity (threshold): 
SSB, CW, RTTY Less than 5.6uV
More than 2.1 KHz/-6dB, 
Less than 4.5 KHz/-60dB
More than 6 KHz/-6dB, 
Less than 20 KHz/-40dB

Spurious and image rejection ratio: More than 70dB(1.6-29.9999MHz)
RIT variable range:150Hz
Audio output power(at 13.8V DC): More than 2.0W at 10% distortion with an 8 ohm  load

Well that's about all for now I know I haven't been doing much blogging,coz I have been skint and have had no this location . 

Thank you for reading my blog. 
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