Monday, 16 July 2012


Scouting the Tan Hill Expedition 

After all the runing around trying out the radio & the equipment  I finally decided to go up to see what the site was like for real. I had seen it on Google earth  and wondered if it would measure up to my expectations. It was just what I was expecting , windy but the place I had chosen was just a 1/2 mile up from the Tan hill  Inn. I figured there would be enough room for the crew. 

I didn't go up to play radio really, I just went up there to have a look for myself, I saw the site where the green shed is on Google Earth but wanted to see just how big it was and if it was any good or not. I think it's just the job for a little expedition. it's a nice drive not to hard to get there , just 2 REALLY twisty bits at the start of Stonesdale Lane just of the B6270 just up from Keld .Google maps says go the Harrogate route, it's 74 miles to Tan hill and will take 2 hrs 10 to get there, so say about 2/12 hrs then give or take.I think it might be better for M0DIT if we go that way then .

Whilst I was up there I went into the inn. lets just say that if you are tall you might have to duck.

the staff are nice and friendly and the beer selection is the best in Yorkshire, Black sheep, Theakstones old peculiar. Ahh I can't wait to get up there and pitch a tent. oh there are other drinks available too.

I did give a shout out on 145.500 and managed to get some  contacts 

  1. M6GHL/p Geoff working on top of skibden hill
  2. 2E0MIX Derek working on top of Wallow Crag  Height 433 metres/1421ft
  3. G4UXH  Colin  almost on the same location

I took some pictures whilst I was there.. enjoy.

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