Thursday, 12 July 2012

The new boy in the shack

The long awaited radio in the shack

The new boy in the shack
Sometimes there are bargains to be found on e-bay , they are there,not often but they do turn up and you can be lucky to buy as nice piece of equipment for not a lot of money. I was luck about two weeks ago when I won an auction for a Kenwood TM-D700E This is the one with the built in  TNC .this means it can be used for APRS or Packet. I have a program called UI-View by the Late Roger  Barker G4IDE that I use 

This is a map of Leeds with 2 stations on it txing their positions 

It is all connected up to the pc Via a direct pin to pin serial lead that is plugged into the PC 
I can leave the radio on whilst I go out and it will act on it's own.

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