Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Clutter Free Shack

After Some considerable consideration I decided that I needed to trim the shack a little and get rid of some surplus equipment . well now that I have this is the result

As you can see I moved the icom IC-756proIII up to it's own shelf along with psu & extension speaker and a nice little gemstone globe I got from Whitby.
The Desk is a little more uncluttered and I moved the main computer over to where the Icom resided, it's more accessible and with the new illuminated keyboard I can see what I am typing

There are some new acquisitions,one of them is this nice icom IC-7000
The Adonis AM -708E Desk Top Microphone ,was purchased at the Leicester Radio Ham Rally
and seems to compliment the rig quite nicely .and is capable of being connected to two radio's .

Along with this little beauty a trio TM-201A which will serve as my new Echolink radio

This is me in the shack . Tidy isn't it, Well it was when this photo was taken anyway ... and I failed to use the red eye reduction on the camera so I resorted to a red eye removal program and it puts a watermark on as its unregistered , but it DID do the job so I left it in .
Saves a lot of faffing about with the camera again ...

AND Now a little vignette about the Leicester rally Enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Phil,

Paul G4JNN here,

It was really nice to contact you on 70cm the other night.

I like your new blog layout.
I've updated your details and images on my Amateur Radio Links website:

Have Fun,


Paul Corrigan