Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Blackpool Rally

Well I was hoping to take a few friends with me over to the rally at Blackpool but two of them dipped out, one with prior commitments to family and the other to a bunch of cyclists!!!!
Ah well maybe next year .

Saturday the 10th of aprill at oh my god O'clock

At an event like Blackpool you get to meet a few people that you may have talked to in the past, meet up with old friends whom you always hope to meet again and scramble for a few bargains .

Trying to squeeze your way into a crush of bodies that seem to be looking at something interesting on one table whilst the really interesting stuff is in cardboard or plastic boxes under said table.

This year I will be looking for a yagi or beam like antenna for 20,40,80 mtrs failing that somthingthat will perform better than a vertical. I really couldn't do justice to the 6BTV in my small garden, its a wonderful antenna & I have used it on various occasions with my good friend and fellow radio ham 2E0HTS.After owning the great Hustler 6BTV for a year , I am reluctantly taking it along with some other stuff to the bring and buy at Norbreck.

I fully intend to come away from Norbreck with an antenna that I can operate on the HF frequencies of my choice. As well as looking for antenna's I will be craning my neck looking for test equipment.I have already purchased a good frequency counter,now all I need are a signal generator,ossciloscope,and somthing else that slips my mind at the moment.

I will update this blog after my trip to Norbreck with pictures etc. as this part is being written the day before. Lets see if I get what I am after.

Well now I have stitched all the piccys together and added titles etc, so here have a look comment if you will.

The Slide show ( try not to yawn )

I did purchase a GM3VLB mini delta loop multi band antenna from the sandpiper stand and as they didn't have any poles with the bottom bit cut off,
(originally 4 meter GF fishing poles) he knocked £10 off the purchase price.
Thanks to everyone who I talked to ,and to the chap who found me and gave me the cover for my signal generator that I had bought from his stall. I knew I should have bought the scope as well. There are a few more rally's to attend so I will be visiting them to view and hopefully purchase some more test gear.

Thank you for stopping by

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