Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blog pics

Have you any Idea just how much work goe's into taking a picture for your Blog?

The picture on the header is the one I was happy with for here.

Taking the picture for took me the best part of an hour to take and re-take a picture until I was happy with it.You take the picture then find that there is a model antenna poking out of your head, then you didn't set the flash just right etc.

About a week ago there was quite a gale blowing here in K-Town, and the following morning saw my 3 element 6 mtr antenna on the roof. I thought the wind had got to it and the nylon lashing strap had snapped.

As it turned out though some little so and so's had been on my roof and nicked the lead flashing, cutting my strap to get it away , the insurance company are not going to believe me. Apparently you need that lead flashing to stop the wet stuff getting in. It was'nt just me , they had a go at about 3 other bungalows,in the immediate vicinity they managed to get on the roof because  my NDN.s sloping garden is just about a foot away from the roof.No I am not going to show you a pic of that!

So now there is just the wireless weather station sensors and a TV aerial up there now , I looks odd to me but it doe's look better and you can still see what I had  up there on google earth street view.

And  for those who wish to see the picture I eventually chose for  here is a link to it

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

The additions to your blog are very nice indeed. Great photography!



2E0HTS Simon said...

Nice picture for your blog header! Keep it up.

Simon 2E0HTS

M1PAC said...

Thank you for the comments Paul , Simon. I am in the process of making a 6 mtr monopole so I hope to hear from you both soon on 51.510 FM