Sunday, 19 December 2010

Have a merry Christmas from M1PAC & BaronTheDog

Here is a Piccy of my long suffering four legged hairy buddy ,I hope you like it .It took me absolutely ages to get it right,in the end I had to hold one of his toys over my head to get him to look at the camera.

I haven't  been on 2mtrs for a while  but I plan to visit my good friends at  LAM COMMUNICATIONS in Barnsley to buy myself a used bargain  if I can pry it out of Granville's sticky little mits.
The Snow hasn't been that bad up here on the estate, and although Arwen was surrounded by snow , she did'nt have any problems getting out. and I cover her with a nylon cover that keeps the snow from sticking to her . I bought it from ARGOS and recomend them for everyone that owns a car.

I have been busy trying out another mode. its called WSPR aka Weak Signal Propagations Reporting.
So far I haven't been that successful,although I did manage to receive a signal from a station in the USA .
My antennas have stood up well to the winter weather, the home brew fishing pole Rybakov trap that me and 2E0LXA made has been performing well on all bands , and being a trap vertical its been quite good at receiving from distances, just how well  I am going to find out after a while using WSPR.

You can also hear me on PSK31 using 20 mtrs (14.07015) and 40 mtrs ( 7.038) there are others but these two seen to be the most popular.Right it's time for me to go.I will post another Blog after I have been to Barnsley.Bye for now .

Phil de M1PAC

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