Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Perils of running a radio business

Not having a "RAG CHEW RADIO" at home I decided to save myself some money and pay my pals down Barnsley a visit for one of there used guaranteed for  90day pieces of equipment.
After a nice drive down the M1 I got off at junction 36 the Hoyland turn off and headed down Sheffield Rd to A Well known shop with this Logo on the outside.

After parking the car I proceeded into the shop to be greeted by a cheery Dave Who despite a burst pipe  was carrying on doing repair's and modifications to radios.

Next I made my way over to their CB museum to see the weird and wonderful things on display.
There are CB's I have never heard of in there.Plus a few duds that I would NEVER EVER entertain.
I Mainly went down there to pick up a second hand Yaesu FT-1802M, a nice little 2Mtr  50W rig that will  suit me for using at home , and here is a picture of me trying it out, The thing in my ear is a bluetooth earpiece NOT A flipping hearing aid ! and just below that is a picture of the rig itself 
Then Lee The main  man popped his head round and said hello , I had to take a few of him coz he is always moving about he doesn't stop at all. Behind him there is a LOT of stock in so don't be afraid to give him a ring and ask if he has a particular radio in stock,He has, and if he hasn't I am sure he will do his utmost to obtain it for you .

 Here is Dave doing what he doe's best  Getting a radio out for modification .
 I believe the radio is the Need for greed 200W Kenwood  TS-480 Nuff said.

There wasn't much going on over the holiday period I was trying WSPR but now my computers sound card seems to have gone on the blink . "SIGH" It looks like I will have to up grade the radio computer for something a bit newer. Its perfectly adequate but I think I need to get something with a bit more MEAT under the bonnet so to speak,it is only a lowly pentium 4 21.8GHz with 2 gig mem and windows XP. 
Thank you to all my Followers and I promise I will not leave it so long before I update my Blog again. 

73 from M1PAC

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