Thursday, 30 October 2008

Being a Radio Ham

Hello My Name is Phil and my callsign is M1PAC.My full details are on
Since becoming a gentleman of leisure, I have decided to put my antics on line.
I have a long way to go before I get as many people interested as my friends Simon's
blog spot .
Here is the link :-- 2E0HTS
I can be seen on one of Simon's video's
on you tube

I was trying to call on the satellites and kept fluffing .
Being a radio ham .I will also post some pictures from time to time,and as a starter here are some I took at the Leicester rally on Friday the 24th of October

The antenna array in the shack there.

it was cold on the ears

This is Josh M0DIT his ears were defiantly cold

just a couple of Nice radio's on the Icom Stand

It was a LARGE hall

I only did a little shopping .

That's all for now more later
73 de M1PAC


2E0HTS Simon said...

Nice One Phil, good Launch and love the pics. Especially the one of you with the shoping.

Will add you to my blog and give you a plug in my next post!

73 Good Luck!

2E0HTS Simon

Phaze58 said...

Thanks Si

The next piccies will hopefully be of my antenna setup .