Thursday, 11 December 2008

****** ERECTED******

With A LOT of help from ADAM (M6AXL)
Disturbed from its sleeping position on the workmate We walked the thing
with and loads of " OK OK put it down here for a bit ",
Gasp gasp wheeze wheeze(all from M1PAC) over to the T & K brackets on the wall. .Adam was doing a fine job of lifting it up as I was tightening the clamps
all to put another piece of scaffold pipe underneath it .Satisfied that it doesn't need to be any higher now all I need to do is poke the coax through the hole in the wall along with the control cable

All I need to do then is take down the desk I have in the corner and replace it with my big wooden office .That's when all the hard work starts, cutting holes screwing shelves, mounting radio's oh boy am I going to have some fun.
I will be using the equipment in Earnest next year on the satellites so keep your ears open for "CQ satellite CQ satellite this is M1PAC.

Thanks for reading
73's de M1PAC

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2E0HTS Simon said...

Looking good! Been working a few on VO-52 on a night, might hear you up there soon? Good luck with the SATs it should be the Dogs Doo Daa's with that wicked set up!

Catch you soon Buddy!

73 de Simon 2E0HTS Urban Spaceman