Tuesday, 14 February 2012

MY funny Valentine

A nice little drive in the country

Well I wanted to get out for a while today , so I drew a little cash from the bank and went down to LAM to buy myself another SWR meter for 2 Mtrs (144MHz) and the one I bought was the lovely  Nissei  RS-402 125-525MHz. ( fig 2 )  Whilst I was there I asked Dave If I could change my mind on a yagi antenna that I wanted I had orderd a dual bander but I had seen this one  ( fig  1 )and  as this one is Suitable for portable use  it comes with wing nuts and boom splits in half,stainless steel elements. Frequency range is  144-146MHZ ,SO239 feed point, Gain is  12.1DBi.Boom 2.44mtrs long. Just what I need for getting out and about portable with the Yaesu FT-480R Multimode.
Fig (1)  JS-62
Of course I couldn't get away with just that so whilst I was there I also had a play with fig 3 and had to have one . I also needed another 10 meter antenna for when I get about mobile for the mount was a sit downer.  I went away poorer but happier, and I left a deposit on the JS-62 so Lee couldn't sell it and I would pay the balance at  the Blackpool Rally  in 2 months time.
Fig (2)

All in all a 100% successful trip!
 I have been asked by Karl G1YPQ to write a review on the new MK 2  Baofeng and after I have owned it for a few more weeks I will write my  own review on it . Please feel free to leave any comments
Fig 3 MK 2 Baofeng

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