Saturday, 8 November 2008

M1PAC's adventures at the barnsley rally
Oh Excuse me {The Great Northern Hamfest}
It was as busy as I remmeber it from last year with a few bargins to be had, one was thanks to M0LAG a friend I talk to who hails from huddersfield , was a little jingtong 2mtr handset and charger for the princley sum of £7.50.(you can never have enough handsets)the other was a Yaesu FT-747 which I have lent to a fellow ham(Craig) who has just passed his intermediate and plans to become a 2E0 , it needs a little TLC I am told by him and I suspect it will get it there.
I had to buy a few bits and pieces like a great circle map now I have a rotator,and a map of all the zones etc,
Here for your delectation are a few piccies

Lee and Co hard at work

The Great Throng

The banner advertising our Local D Star Repeater
(must give it a plug now I am a member of the group with a D Star Icom 2820)

There were some video but I havnt got around to editing all yet.
I hav'nt been feeling to sparkling
thats all for now . Thanks for reading


2E0HTS Simon said...

Very Nice, I wonder if Craig has worked you on the FT-747 yet?

Great old rig, used to have one back in the day. Keep up the good work and catch thee on air soon.
73 de simon 2E0HTS

2E0HTS Simon said...

Now added you to my site on the links collum.

73 good luck with this blog and looking forward to returning and seeing what your up to!