Saturday, 15 November 2008

One set of Antennas Up and running

Fortune favours the Brave
(but not me)

It's taken me a while but I eventualy got these antenne up and rotating.
Not curently using them tho at the moment.
The girlfriend has been on 2 week holiday
and I have been spending more time with her, going to whitby etc.

The winds here in Keighley hav'nt been all that good for raising a load of antennas ,add to that the fact that the garden is now slippier than an ice rink ,and you can see why not a lot has been done .
The plan is to loft a 20ft scaffie pole thats going to have a Yaesu G5500 AZ/EL rotator on the top as well as a 10 ele 2mtr and a 19 ele 70cm.
these two will be mainly for tracking the satelites, shuttle and the ISS.
Two have been erected though.
First here is the little yaesu G250 rotator. My good friend Simon 2E0HTS has one of these and I was so impressed by the unit and price I bought one
Here is a piccie with it loaded up.

The Big 3 ele is for 6Mtrs the one in the front is a 10 ele 70cm and the one at the back is a 21 ele for 23cm

The antenna you see here is the Hustler 6BTV also recomended BY 2E0HTS
This is one FANTASTIC antenna BUY ONE NOW

I have an Idea. A certain orange DIY center here in Keighley are doing Plastic cobbles in sheets I might get a couple of these and stick them in the quagire that is the back garden to give me somthing sturdy to stand on ,ans whilst I am at it I might as well get another sheet of of that bamboo for the back end of the fence you see there.

Well thats about it for now.
I promise that I will publish more as it happens and as soon as I can ling vids from youtube to here I will post them as well. 73 for now De M1PAC

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