Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Next Step

Today was a good day here in Keighley.

Outside the sun was shining, there were no strong breezes, and there I was in bed Gasping for breath.The change in weather was playing havoc with my chest infection.All I could do was gulp my inhaler and hope it would pass.
On or about 12 o'clock I started to feel better, so I got up and did the one thing I had wanted to do for a while .

I grabbedthe yaesu G-5500 and hoyked it outside and clamped
it to the scaffolding pole. A lot of time was taken up with
getting the 2 mtr fibreglass pole Through the elevation rotator .
That was when I grabbed the 10 ele 2 mtr yagi and fastened it to the pole, it was a bit of a struggle but I did it , next up was the 19 ele 70cm yagi,then the hard work started.

I have a surveyors tape which is 50mtrs in length.
This was used to measure,measure,measure
then cut the wesflex 103 to hopefully the right length.
Next up was soldering the N type plug on to one and a SO-239 on the other.
Once this was done I went outside only to find that darkness had arrived .
I grabbed my LED headlight (invaluable) and went outside.
I fixed the coax onto the antennas then taped it down the pole and left a loop for the azimuth rotation , that was when I remembered to plug the elevation control cable in as well, because that has to have a loop too. that was when it got too dark. so I took a few pictures and left it .

The Yaesu G-5500 fixed the pole .
(I can't lift the thing all by myself
with all that metal on it ,Its now too bleeding heavy!)

That's going to be fixed to the side of the bungalow
On these two brackets
(note the coax and control cable from the G-250 )

Well Until I can get some help It's going to stay there.
As soon as It's up I will be posting the pictures here.

Thanks for reading

de M1PAC

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2E0HTS Simon said...

Looking good so far!

Cant wait to see the end result and see some M1PAC vids!

Catch up soon

73 Si