Friday, 30 January 2009

The New Shack

After having surgery on my BIG toe just after my last post, I was in no state to post a new blog . but now that I have been a little more "mobile" I decided to-day would be the day to post a new blog. So here we are.

I also have a new domain and the link is here :- CLICK ME
The domain is also is a work in progress

This is my New shack

It is still a work in progress. I still have to put some shelves up as well as my yaesu map . I have a anglepoise fluorescent lamp which is great when I am writing down things. as well as a light up globe that someone bought me for Christmas.

There is a computer that is dedicated to radio use and has had to be re-cased so that it can fit under the shelf.I had bought a serial card from maplins so that I have 2 more 9 pin serial port's . There are lots of wires and cables that need to be tidied away in the future. and thanks to Adam M6AXL I now have a new chair to sit comfortably in at the new shack .

More later

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