Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Shack Re-visited

Right now all you lovely people out there have been patient .
Here is a picture of the shack as it is to day Sunday 8th Feb 2009
Remember I still have to put some shelves up yet and a yaesu map.
The Radio Shack

Here is a piccy of me talking to Adam M6AXL

The Antenna's on the G-250 have been changed
There are now a 3 element 6Mtr yagi
A 9-ele 70cm and a 2Mtr 5-ele ZL special that is
"doing my box in" it just won't tune up for me .

More pictures to follow IF I get the thing to work
I will let you all know and if not...
then I will replace it.
I might go to this radio rally and buy myself a more straightforward one.
I also own an ascom 4Mtr radio so I might get a 4Mtr antenna and try and find somewre to put it !!.

Wakefield and District Radio Society, on Sunday 15 February at the new venue of Ossett School, Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5 0DG. Doors open at 10.15am for disabled visitors and then open to the general public at 10.30am. Admission is £3 per person.
Talk in will be via the GB3YW repeater, which can be found on 145.7875 with CTCSS of 82.5Hz. Further details can be found on the rally website, Thaat can be found on this LINK
Hope to see you there .
Bye for now
de M1PAC


2E0HTS Simon said...

Nice looking shack. Saw your new array yesterday from your garden. Shame you were out but looking good mate!

Phaze58 said...

Sorry Mate
was out shopping with franca and her dughter over at the white rose centre
I hope to see you soon .

2E0HTS Simon said...

No worries Phil, Looks like you have lost a bit of weight on the picture with the Yorki Tea (in a good way). Either that or just a natural born cool dude!

All the best! de Si 2E0HTS