Friday, 28 January 2011

NFU mutual insurance company

 I was told to ring NFU mutual by a friend of mine because the time is drawing near  for me to renew my car insurance" give NFU mutual a ring phil ", "My insurance was lots cheaper than my last one ."
So ok I contact them by e-mail coz apparently they are so behind the times that you cant ask for any quote on line , you have to ring up and speak to a person. Fare enough! and so I phone NFU MUTAL SKIPTON BRANCH and spoke to "REBBECA" who after I had answered some questions promptly told me that NFU MUTUAL COULD NOT INSURE ME BECAUSE I WAS UNEMPLOYED!

NFU mutual WILL NOT INSURE ME COZ I AM UNEMPLOYED. thats discrimination isnt it ? gets me  mad that! and even has had me e-mailing BBC Watchdog, tweeting it to all my followers,  and one has even asked my permission to re-tweet my original tweet. I am NOT going to let this Lie .. I am going to e-mail BBC Radio Leeds, and our local radio station, as well as the Telegraph & Argus ,the Keighley times ETC,ETC .

I am not going to keep on at this , I cant see why they would do that, That is the first Insurance company that has declined me insurance I think. any way I went back online and applied for insurance with the CO-OP and paid for it on line and all my details are online, I printed out a copy of my insurance certificate . so from 00:00 hrs on the 10the of feb 2011 I am covered to drive my car as long as I keep up the payments . and at £40 a month I think I can afford that. I don't have to pay road tax I am exempt, and that car doesn't owe me any thing and I don't owe on the car . so all I have to do is just put diesel in her and buy her a service every year. and bits when she needs them .

I am shocked and deeply disturbed about this . The police have ANPR computers that check wether or not your vehicle is insured, and with firms like NFU MUTUAL refusing the unemployed insurance for their vehicles , is it any wonder they are driving them with no insurance? I am NOT condoning driving with no Insurance on your or any vehicle its BAD BAD BAD and I don't do it any more coz I know just how bad it is. Its just not fair to other road users who might fall afoul of those without. and NFU MUTUAL are not helping matters in my honest opinion.

Rant over  watch this space

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