Sunday, 26 February 2012

Testing some equipment,


Calling cq dx on the internet, attention all my readers 

During the week I discussed going  up to test out the drive on mast plate and the mast , along with a 5 element ZL special   on loan from Craig (2E0RIZ)I asked Craig (2E0CSD) he said he had prior commitments, I also asked Josh (M0DIT) he agreed, providing it wasn't raining
I got myself a drive on mast base,supplied by Simon (2E0HTS),and a 20ft telescopic mast that I bought of terry (G4AFS) and I had a yaesu ft-480 multimode 2 meter radio , BUT it went and died on me last week, My plan was to use my Yaesu-ft-8800 in the car  by putting the coax in the boot mount, but Josh suggested he bring along his Icom IC-706.and  and a 20 mtr (14 MHz) mobile whip and mag mount.  so we could use SSB on 144 MHz as well as 20mtrs ( 14 MHZ). I drove to  Keighley Gate ,a pair of de-commissioned radio towers.On an ordinance survey map it is called Whetstone gate 1284 ft ASL  53,54.18.8N 01,50.43.9W MH locator IO93bu . I don't know if it is counted as a sota spot or not , maybe someone can comment on that. 

. I proposed we should meet up at about 10:30 on Sunday the 26th.everything was good  to go ,all was set. so off we went.

Just how close we were to the towers

working Flatside to begin with.
 we were using M0DIT's 706Mk 1 

We then changed to vertical and all the sota operators heard us .
Me being the "armstrong "rotator

Josh ( M0DIT) being the rotator for a change.

We had about 16 contacts and here they are 

(1) G7DWY  Ian in Halifax signal 9  locator IO93br 144.300 SSB

(2) 2E0CSD Craig in Keighley signal 9 on his FT-290r  144.300 SSB

(3)  GW8ASD Tony in Wrexham  signal 9 on 144.300   SSB

(4) 2E0EEY Chriss over in armley leeds on 145.500 FM

(5) G0GNU Geoff in Bradford 144:525 FM

(6) 2E0NTT Richard over on sharphaw near skipton on his  yaesu FT-817 144:525

(7) G8YDC JA JEBB from  Nunthorpe Middlesbrough

(8)  2E0BM0  Roger in Wigan , IO83pa 144.310 SSB

(9) M0JVW John over in Warrington

(10) M6SBO  Barry down in Keighley 144.310 SSB

(11) M3WDU Alan over in Southport on 144.310 SSB

(12) G3VDE  JR Sellers over in Goole 144:310 SSB

(13) G0JKQ Carl from stannington nr Sheffield 145.525 FM

(14) M0FJM Fred Elland road in leeds 145.550 FM

(15) G0OPH  Paul  in Hartburn Stockton on Tees  IO94hn 145:550 FM 

(16) M6AYY Chris in Kirkby in Furness Cumbria 145:550 FM 

It was Interesting up there to say the least,Being that high up it got a bit windy so we  needed to be well wrapped up.Although the  wind wasn't that bad but it was a bit chilly if you stood out to long, fortunately Josh brought some coffee with him. 
Another suggestion was put forward that maybe we should take  off somewhere out of Keighley when the weather gets warmer and do a bit of camping & take along  more radio equipment and more antennas , Sounds like a good idea to me , what do you think ?

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment (c) m1pac productions 2012


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