Sunday, 11 March 2012

Out and about On the high ground

 I had been watching the weather all last week  because I was looking for a place to go and do another dx pedition having chosen the place last night (Saturday) I decided to go somewhere high that was local to my location , and that happens to be the ovenden windfarm  fig ( 1 ) these wind turbines sit at the dizzying hight of 1387ft ASL fig ( 2 ) and are flipping noisy.
they are surrounded by 3 reservoir that are used for recreational activivties.

I placed all the equipment that I had in the car, and called at Josh's house to obtain the rest of the equipment and  that consisted  of the the good old icom ic-706mk 1 for two meters, and this time I had made up a wire dipole for HF and so we needed the help of a tuner, and in my opinion there is nothing as fine as the versa tuner that Josh owns. I know I always say that MFJ is ( Made From Junk) but it isn't it is a good bit of kit and as soon as I can I am going to buy one.

Fig ( 1 ) 
The Weather up on the windfarm was spectacular, the temp reached double figures 12 degree's centigrade hardly any breeze to speak of .It didn't take long to get  the whole thing up and running. and just as I was finalising everything Josh was talking to someone in Greece.

Fig ( 2 ) 

Fig ( 3 )we also spoke
We also had a shout on 144MHz and 50MHz and also had a few contacts on 28MHz   josh tried  am calling and was shouting to thin air. I forgot the SD card in my camera, and the air turned blue.. good job there was no one about.

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