Saturday, 26 May 2012

A day out in gods country

Fig ( 1 )

These are just a few pictures I took on a grand day out 

One of the  great points about visiting this site is its ease of access.I am not going to bang on about how to get there. After all, I frequent it At the top of the path on fig  (1) the height above sea level is a respectable 1284 ft and when I have my mast fully erected ( Giggity ) My new 6 element yagi  is a good 1300 feet up.
 These pictures were taken at  a place called Whetstone gate on the  land ranger ordnance survey maps , but we know it as Keighley gate. The land was  or maybe still is owned by the Keighley police.These towers were used  for  VHF communications but now the police have gone TETRA and digital they are no longer in use .

I will put together a fishing pole for HF and I will take that with me when I do go up there to spend a whole day  in this type of weather .

 I also went over to a place called gordale scar, it is a fantastic place to visit, when the weather is like this it's even better.I managed to climb the waterfall .I also made a few video's with my little video camera but this one was the best one so I post that so you can see what I mean

Well Thats all folks , thank you for reading my humble blog  and PLEASE leave a comment 

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m1att said...

Nice writing.

M1PAC said...

Thanks Andrew.

Believe it or not I agonise about what to write. and even when I have published it I sometimes go back and edit it.