Sunday, 27 May 2012

Up at the Windfarm With The Diamond F-23 antenna

This Sunday ( 27th of may) was beautiful.

I packed all the usual stuff with the exception of the yagi beam , and drove up to Ovenden wind farm. The landscape is outstanding and  HF  VHF and UHF  do quite well from up there.

Arwen wasn't the carrier of the mast and equipment, it was the new love of my life Fraya the new Ford Focus Zetec Auto. and she acquitted herself quite well. aside from the fact her titchy battery was USELESS! 
A bigger battery is required , I need about 100-175 AmpHr battery, so an old wagon battery should do .I will have a look  on  fleabay later to see if I can acquire one .Thanks to my mate Stuzzie a soon to be radio ham I knew I was getting over to Leeds but there were no contacts from that way.
CQ 2 meters CQ 2 Meters this is MQ1PAC/Mobile 

 I was using the MQ call I have an NOV  for the Queens Jubilee event and one for the olympics.

From ovenden there were lots of contacts to be made  and if I had gotten up earlier I might have got a few more ,anyway I had approximately 21 contacts on VHF . 

A List of the contacts

  1. M6NAE    Neil  in Manchester
  2. 2Q1DNB  Peter at the Wakefield club
  3. MQ6RIK   Richard in Brighouse 
  4. MQ6NHA Sarah near Manchester 
  5. G0MZZ     A benson from  Batley
  6. 2E0VLS   Ray over near Hull
  7. 2E0CTH  Chris from by-fleet  Surrey
  8. 2E0CSD Craig from Keighley 
  9. G4JJS     Simon from Bingly
  10. 2E0LEV  Mick from Dewsbury
  11. G7PFY    John over in  Guiseley
  12. G0CJV    Clive in Grimsby 
  13. M0UJD    Kevin from north Walsam
  14. M0NEY    Dave   in Scunthorpe 
  15. M3TVV    Dave in Allerton Bywater
  16. M3ZKU    David from Hudderfield was over at HAWES N Yorks activating a hill. Nice one 
  17. M6VWD   Eddie in Rochdale No QRZ page  tut tut Edddie 
  18. G0NHJ     John From Crammington 
  19. M3ROU    Peter in Rochdale 
  20. G0MZZ     Tony in Birstall
  21. 2E0RIZ     Craig over in Keighley
  22. G4ONG    Bernie in Warrington 
  23. MQ0IAA    Ian over in Wakefield who told me that for getting and station there is a certificate going  for   confirming 100 "Q"  stations  

What's That ! an antenna growing out of my head you say

Me and my new love.

Looks OK from here

I thought of putting it at the back but that looked silly.

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