Thursday, 7 June 2012


Successfully Tested 

The day after the Queens Jubilee weekend Monday turned out to be a nice day and  I was setting  of to go up to Keighley (Whetstone) gate but upon arriving there was  already someone up there 2E0VRX Craig from Skipton  and I didn't want to swamp him so so I drove up to  the Ovenden windfarm. I didn't get there until 13:30 , but by 14:00 I was set up and calling on 145.500 with the Yaesu FT-8800 using  my antenna ,The diamond F-23 which was on top of my telescopic mast up in the air at 1445ft ASL.

All these trips to high places  have been in preparation for a weekend away , doing a bit of radio stuff up at a place called Tan Hill Inn not that we will be staying there, but I am sure that we can whet or whistles there a couple of times. No the real reason is that it is 1,732 feet (528 Meters) above sea level that you can get to without a pack of Sherpas to get you to the top, I wish Pen-y-Ghent was accessible via cars being 2,277 feet (694 Meters) above sea level, and closer than Skafell (3,163 feet 978 meters) but No, so tan hill will have to do, besides getting there requires that we go on the "buttertubs passTop Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, is among those who named the Buttertubs Pass as his favourite, describing it as ''England's only truly spectacular road''. so there you go , if Jezza likes it then so do I and about a million other petrol heads.

All these expeditions to the Keighley gate, and Ovenden windfarm have been in preparation for that weekend , I (we) have been testing equipment to see if it will perform up to expectations and so far it has only been operator error that some equipment hasn't .You can see from the pictures that  I was trying out a generator that was loaned to me by 2E0RIZ , there are plans afoot to obtain a table and some chairs, comfy one's mind, there will be a lot of sitting around, and illumination of the rather large tent also supplied by 2E0RIZ.

All set up and ready to transmit

I think I need to get some guy ropes when we go up to tan hill

The diesel generator

There we 40 contacts this week  quite a list , 2 of them were face to face contacts

  1. 2E0VRX    Craig from skipton, he it was who beat me to Keighley Gate 
  2. 2E0MJR     No QRZ Page  
  3. GQ0MKB  Tony in Leigh
  4. M6NDG     Nigel  who was up at the second highest pub in England the Cat & Fiddle 
  5. G4LKZ       From Clithero weak signal but I heard him 
  6. M1CVL      Mike  from Haywood 
  7. M6NAE      Neil  from Manchester
  8. GQ7OHA   Tony from Lowton
  9. G0BUB       Mick over at RAF Cranwell
  10. G3SYA       Derek over in Preston 
  11. G1NVY      Ken  Over in Prescott  near Liverpool
  12. 2Q1DNB    Peter heading over to Roundhay park in Leeds
  13. G3NPJ        Allan over in Chester
  14. GQ3VBA    Ken  from Runcorn 
  15. M0MIA       No QRZ Page  
  16. 2Q0TAL     Tony over there in Rotherham
  17. G0SJS         Dorothy  over in St Helens near Wigan.81 years old and still a Radio Ham 
  18. M0VKS      Dave from Matlock in Derbyshire 
  19. MQ6PZZ     Lyndon over in Doncaster
  20. G4NTA       He was up at the windmills and came over to have a chat
  21. MQ6RIK     Richard  over in Brighouse 
  22. M3ULT       Shaun Barnsley QRP on 1 watt 
  23. 2E0LEV      Mick  over in Dewsbury
  24. 2Q0ENW    Eddie over in  Wihternsea 
  25. G1XVF       Trevor from Huthwite in Sutton in Ashfield
  26. GQ1ZGZ     Richard over in Derbyshire  
  27. M0MDA      Mick over in Leeds
  28. G7PFY        John Over in Otley 
  29. G4JJS          Simon  over in Bingley
  30. G0ASP        Norman over  in Wellinton Telford
  31. M3CRV       Dave over in Chester
  32. GB4CJC      A special event station Chrick
  33. GB0SOB     Dave  another Special Event Station in Worksop
  34. MQ0XLT    Kevin over in Gargrave 
  35. G5KC         Chris over in Flaxton moor in York  
  36. 2E0RIZ       Craig down in Keighley
  37. 2E0MCS     Lewis in Chesterfield 
  38. 2E0PXV      Joe  over in Carlton
  39. M6EJB        Pat  down  in Mansfield  
  40. M3GCA      Allan  from Dinnington in Sheffield 

                     Well  that's all folks  please leave any comments, how else am I to know if I am talking 
                     a load of bull plop  thank you for reading  I enjoy writing , and don't be surprised if it changes

                                         (c) 2012 m1pac productions 

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gingerbread cottage said...

Icom IC-7400 Transceiverery nice hope I pass so i can go to tan hill too lol

thats a hell of a magmount on the car by the way